Selling UAD-1 Mackie Version ?

hi, I already found out that when you buy a new PCI-e card, and you sell your old PCI UAD-1 card, the buyer/new owner will only have a project pak (in case you decide to keep your plugins, which I will). The UAudio site also says that if you sell a Mackie version of the card, the new owner will also have the full version of the 1176LN, and the LA2A. But how do I find out if I have a Mackie version ? Unfortunately I don't have a second machine where I could just test is out... I have a Mackie sticker on the cardbox packaging, is that the proof ?
Oh, is that so ? I was hoping to get some more bucks out of it, since these two vintage comps were my initial argument to buy the card back then... and I still believe it would be now, if I did't have one already. The LA2A, in combination with the Pultec (which seems to be included in the \"Projekt Pak\"), are by far the greatest benefit I got out of the card, for both vocals and bass guitar.

Still waiting for my UAD-1e, guess I'll see what I get for the old one on eBay...


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Well, I was meaning that who already has a card should already have those two plugs, and with UA's promotions it's probably easier to buy brand new cards, you know...
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