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Several Major Crashes


HI, Everebody, i am hoping to have a solution to my questions.

Hi My name is Denis and i am new on this forum also as a UAD user (one week, and i started to regret my choice even i think that these plug ins are SO GOOD).

I bought recently a G5 2 Ghz with 8 Gb Ram 2 Disk 500 Gb at 7200rpm and got 3 PCI X Slot ( slot 2,3 and 4) , with one UAD-1 project Pak installed on the slot 4of the pcix slot,
Presonus FireStudio Project AUdio Interface Firewire, and a ESI Midi Interface USB, to make my home studio recording and work with L0GIC 8 . Everything was running smoothly for a week, up i decide to buy two more UAD Card (Flexi Pak).
I Installed the cards, make all the authorizations, then test the machine thru a project i was working on (recorded at 96Khz-6 Stereo traks + 2 mono tracks + several Busses). Then the plugins react strangely, some will not function quite well, then big Big crash.
Ok i restart the computer, but then One of the Card recognise by the computer and the UAD Meter software got a message of INVALID SYSTEM TIME. ok , i said it will affected only the demos plug ins..
In fact not at all, reload the song play it for 5 seconds, then again crash...
Trying to reload everything then the computer even will not load anymore the MAC OS, Stopped in the middle of the process.
I reset the computer (open the G5, removed the fan, and push the little button in front the Ram Slot, wait for three minutes) ok.
The computer restart, reload the song bypass in the UAD Meter the Card not recognised fully by the software, So i was working with two card only). It works for 5 minutes then, again major crash, i could restart the computer just after three hours of manipulation, open the computer, redo the things i did, even i had to remove the cards and the ram from their slot to have a fresh restart.. it works yes but got always the same problem and the system is very unstable.
Act to now i count 8 big crash within a day. (I Thought before to go on the mac to not have anymore this frequent on my PC, but it becomes Ironic). I did everything that the Official UA website advise. I even reinstaller the drivers software but still.
NOw the computer has been back on the shop for Downgrading the MAC OS and testing everything. But maybe someone here has already the solution.
I did everything that the Official UA website advise. I even reinstaller the drivers software but still.

So if anybody have any suggestions or even the solution (maybe i missed something) Please, it will be great.

Thanks in advance.

Denis. :(
I would guess that your problems are originating from the recording of multiple stereo tracks at 96KHz, along with using UAD-1 plug-ins while recording...combined with the fact that your G5 computer is already taking a CPU hit because of the PCI-X controller that Apple used on the logic boards of those machines not communicating well with multiple UAD-1 cards...

Is there a reason why you have to record at 96KHz?

I would bet if you do these two things, your system would work well.

1. Get the UAD-1 cards out of the G5 case and put them in an approved Magma PCI Expansion chassie. This will isolate the UAD-1 cards away from the Apple PCI-X controller that has problems with multiple UAD-1 cards...and will also help your G5 case to run cooler by getting all of the heat generating cards out of there.

2. In addition to the above, try the same type of recording session at 48KHz (for video productions), or 44.1KHz (for audio CD productions)...and your cards will probably keep up a lot easier.

Best of luck with it.


Thanks for your suggestions,

Recording at 96 Khz allows me to have better range frequencies, and so a much better sound that will fit better a mix for any major CD production.
Just make a test record few tracks at 96 khz and rerecord the same tracks (you have to replay) at 44.1 Khz, and make a final mixdown at 44.1 Khz 16 bit.
Play the mixdown in a audio player , not in your DAW, and listen the difference between the both mixdown. This is the reason why i am recording at this level, and a lot of major big studios and artist also record at this level rate. And easy, to go in different studios here in HK that uses same software as i do, to record drums and finals vocals track on my projects. I never been entirely satisfied about the works i did at 44,1 (it's true that at that time i was using cheap plug ins (the one in Logic only, and after the mix sounds hash, no more clarity).
It's also why i decided to move with DSP card, to free up memory to run the G5 only for mainly access the audio datas and automatisation, while the cards will manage the plugins, but it seems at this rate i could only run about 16 or maybe a little more plugins, hopefully the freeze function under Logic 8 that i tested with Uad works perfectly well. Regain Cpu to work just on the mix and add few more plug ins for the mix. I had no problem to record at this level, and i have test my computer to run 30 tracks mono record at 96 Khz (of course with no plugins or automatisation), just 30 tracks of seven minutes of silence, and no copy and paste., things runs smoothly.
When my crashes occures all audio tracks were frozen, the cpu of the computer was about 25 to 30 % of his ressources and the UAD-1 were about 45 % of his ressources. So i don't think it's a prob of CPU, even i let 3 to 4 seconds between the start of the song and the beginning of the audio files to let the cpu coming down from the peak coming from the Load of the PCI x controller. NO prob of latency, i used the monitoring from the Audio interface and not from Logic, i used it from Logic rarely, mainly for recording vocals. As you see i use logic much more a 24 track open reel than a real audio sequencer, i don't like to copy and paste audio datas too much.

The UA support team has reply to me to fix the system reset of the cards And i am going to downgrade the MAC OSX to 10.4 (advise from an Apple technician) it could be a prob from Logic 8...

The things really weird is that the crashes i had makes the computer impossible to load the MAC OS completly, the boot stop while is processing it, like what it happens when there is a conflict of memory address under a PC. I am New in the Mac World.

Anyway thank you very much about your suggestions, the Magma PCI Expension is a very good idea, and i didn't think about it. ANd you are absolutly right about the heat.. Thanks.

PS. Right now the computer has been send back to Apple for a full check up, and i will need to reinstall everything under the new operating system.
I will post later a nother message to let everybody know about the progress for future users that might have the same problem one day. I reallly hope that everything will be ok.


At Last everything is Ok. What a misadventure my friend ! The Apple after 4 days return to me the computer saying everything is ok with the G5 and return it to me with th OS 10.4.6 (WHAT A HELL I AM GOING TO DO WITH THAT). The apple technician advise me to do the update, ok, reboot, then AGAIN THE DAWN PROBLEM. Full of frustration i decided to check by myself, remove all cards, and make a reboot one after one cards install in their slot .It takes me less than an hour to found out that the video card was defect. Now evething is ok. And i am very glad to be able to work again with thise TERRIFICS plug ins.
The UA Team Support has been much more efficient and helpfull than the guys from Hong Kong (ironic is'nt it !) Thanks to everyone.

Next step a MAGMA Expansion... :)
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