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-Sighs- Demo Period/Card Time Problem

Hi Guys,

So the deal is I purchased an unregistered card awhile back (my first card) as it was a good deal. Initially I had no access to the demo periods on the card & after doing a little research it became evident that the previous owner had attempted some method of the \"unlimited demo period\" hack (or whatever it's considered). Now after coming to terms & just gritting & bearing with it, I finally decided to upgrade to 2 cards. Now, I was excited about finally being able to try out the demo period, i also had a new PC built (carillon) & had them install both cards.

The issue is that every time I open a UAD plugin or the meter I get a message telling me I must set the time back to the original time for the first card, but upon changing the system time I now get the message for the apposing card.

It is quite frustrating & I truly hope that my only option is to either buy another card to swap out the first card or purchase every UAD plugin I care to try.

If anyone has any info or solution to this it would be most appreciated. Thank you all in advance for a great forum nonetheless. All the best.

Hi Macc & thank you for the kind welcome. I'm afraid I have not as of yet as my track record with companies replying successfully to emails is quite poor & I've seen the companies moderators post replies here quite frequently & of course the added benefit of getting the input of users who may have had this problem first hand. But I shall give it a shot. Thanks again.



I can't agree more with the above post.
I had those problems when installing v 4.7.
I emailed UA support and they provided me with a few files to set back
the ROM time and a restart for the demo's. (Thanks Ned ! )

Great service indeed !

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