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So come on peeps :) Lets talk about the new Neve Eq


Established Member
I will install it tonight.

That said, I am withholding comment until I really have a chance to A/B it over the course of several days. I hope others are doing so as well.

I think that a lot of us (myself included) have at least occasionally succumbed to Milgramesque/lemming-like behaviour.
1. Download
2. Try briefly

IOW: People -want- to believe and so they -do- believe---at least initially. A couple of my marriages started this way. :eek:

I still love most of the plugs, and like them all, but as time goes on I realise that the -initial- orgasmic enthusiasm tends to mediate over time into a more realistic appreciation.



Active Member
That's very true Suntower, very true indeed. I was like that with the URS eq's. I still like them a lot as they use no cpu, but I messed around wih the neve and was blown away by the ease of getting a good sound.

I've never used a neve eq before though so I can only comment on how nice it sounds rather than if its as good as a real one. :D

Tony Ostinato

Active Member
we've had some go the other way too, not liking a plugin at first and then growing to love it.

you can kinda watch which guys tend which way and then watch to see if anyone \"flips\".


Established Member
Tony Ostinato said:
we've had some go the other way too, not liking a plugin at first and then growing to love it.
Actually, I've had that happen -several- times. I didn't much care for the Roland chorus at first, but then a few weeks later... 'Oooh, la, la!' And then a few months later... 'Geeez, now I know why people stopped using these things!'

Never bothered with the EX-1... now I use it everywhere.

It's very situational: Just depends on the song one is working on, the mood one is in, the drugs one is taking, and so forth...

But if I were King Of The Forest and I could make the 'Search' here work as I chose, when a UAD prospect entered the terms:

"ROLAND, CHORUS, OPINION" (or whatever plug-in)

...the search engine would skip over all comments made in the first week of release. :mrgreen:



Active Member
Watch it JC... you're talking sense again!

Tony: I can see you doing exactly what you suggest, then making little notes in a spreadsheet, or little black notebook all the while chuckling manically.


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Ninja said:
And I guarantee you that I'll feel the same way in 3 months.
Spoken like a card-carryin' member of the Chuck Norris Fan Club. :mrgreen:
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