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Some cool interviews and info- for ya!


Established Member
If you look closely in last months mix you'll come across a picture of my mug in there.....

I thought it was pretty hysterical.



Established Member
if you look closely you can see the redonkulous rack of neves behind me.

there used to be 48 of them before we pared it down to 24. now there's 3 floating buckets of 8 for use in the other rooms.


Venerated Member
lance said:
must really suck to have to search through all that to find what you need.
Search through what Lance? What do you mean?
Neve 1073 & 33609?1176LN? LA2A & 3A? Dbx160A?Matt's Diesel jeans, Docker Shirt and Hanes T? :p
No searching invovled...it's all awesome!
Which room was that Matt? Is that a Langevin behind your knee caps, I can't tell? GML & 1176 by the left elbow?
Man, I love seeing gear like that.
I consider myself a pretty good performer, but when I get in a fancy studio like that, I get all clammed up... and don't sound like myself.
It would take me weeks of hanging out at a place, like you work, to feel open enough for a killer take.

A funny thing happend to me at the market, tonight.
I was buying a 6-pack, of local brew and the coupon machine printed out a coupon for heart burn medication.... ha! :lol:


Active Member
I hear ya though but I would have to play for change out front for at least a month going in for a visit let alone laying a track


Established Member
That's studio A. I don't think that's a Langevin back there. I'm pretty sure that's a GML8200 and an API rack by my elbow.

The reason there's SO much stuff is because Right Track and Sound On Sound merged back in November 05. (I was a Sound On Sound guy)
We closed SOS's doors and renovated Right Track's A/C/D1. We've been trying to upgrade the place as much as possible little by little.

When it comes down to it, I think our staff does a pretty awesome job of making new clients feel comfortable, and our tech dept is so on top of things it's silly. We're all pretty fun people there, and we do a happy hour every Friday for the staff/client/anybody who happens to be in the building.

it's funny, my only studio experience is either with my meager home setup or something like Legacy. Too very opposite ends of the spectrum.


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and seriously, if you guys are ever in town don't hesitate to call if you want to pass through!


Established Member
oh, and i think the jeans were GAP.... diesel is far too expensive for my blood.

oh- and best quote i've found so far in those interviews is from Ray Parker Jr.

\"Parker laughs: “I was 28 years old and I was dating this young girl — 17 years old — and I told her my idea and she quickly got a bunch of her high school friends to come by and yell on it. They were genuinely excited to be in there recording, and that was exactly what the track needed.”
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