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Sonar 6.2 User - Promo - Which Plugs


New Member
I have 1 UAD-1 card (Mackie version) and would appreciate your recommendations on which plugs you would get.

I already have the Dreamverb, LA2A and 1176LN. Probably staying away from the Neve plugs because I only have one card.

Was thinking Pultec Pro for sure because of price (or should I go with Cambridge), Fairchild and maybe Plate 140.

Do I need the Fairchild since I have the LA2A and 1176 and VC 64 in Sonar 6.2? I realize it's a different sound, but?

Ideally want to keep the price in the $200 range. I use my system for songwriting and styles include rock/alt, blues, country and classical.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Active Member
My favorites are the ones you want to stay away from, the Neves. I think the Neves are the best. I only have one card myself but why stress over minor details :lol: .


plate 140


Active Member
Pultec for the stereo buss is nice.

The plate 140 is a solid player for verb.

The Neves? Their problem is they sound so good you will want to put them on everything.

Frankly, I would go with the Precision Limiter. Best limiter in software in my opinion.


New Member
Thanks for the suggestions. Went with the Pultec Pro right away - It was a no-brainer for the price and I really like the sound of it.

Now one more - Decisions, decisions.


New Member
I just finished up an acoustic CD project where I went back over the mixes in Sonar after I got the UAD-1 and touched them up, then remastered all of them in Wavelab.

I got the Neve 1081 and use it sparingly in Sonar 6.2 on a few tracks. Mostly I use it for mastering in Wavelab 6 along with the PEQ and PLIM. It really does something nice to the sound of mix as a final touch, again used \"sparingly\". I barely need to bump up the input gain on most of my acoustic mixes. I use this in place of a buss compressor for mixes that are already close to the level I want.

I use the Fairchild as my mastering compressor, when the I need a little more overall boost than the Neve EQ can give me alone. It has a nice subtle warmth and presence. I found the LA2A a little too heavy handed for this purpose, but that is probably just my inexperience, as I am slowly learning how to use these great plugs...The only drawback so far to the Fairchild is its UI, kind of hard to figure out at first. I am still studying the manual on this one. More presets would be nice!


New Member
Thanks for that, DJ. I can see the value in using the Neve and other heavy CPU plugs for mastering, definitely. Especially when I only have one card - so far.

Mastering songs is a long way off at this point so I'm still contemplating. At this point it's either Fairchild or Plate 140 given my budget.

Anyone else?


Active Member
Cellarboy, the Pultec is a great choice indeed.

I really like the Fairchild, too. Its great on bass, or on a drum buss, or vox too ... and it just sounds damn good ... has a character all its own.

If you are in need of a really good limiter, I'd use this opportunity for the PLimiter ... best in the biz IMO.
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