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Space echo , wet / dry on a acoustic guitar


Active Member
Personally, I liked the track better before the processing (no offense).


Established Member
I'm with D-Helix. The track sounded really present and pleasant before the processing. So far I haven't heard much from the Space Echo that can convince me I'll need it.

Plugs like the La2a, Fairchild, URS EQs, etc. I knew the second I started knob turning. So far the SE is leaving me expecting more.

So far...


Just to pile on, I'd the original track more.

There are a lot of interesting spaced-out delays out there, like Bionic Delay, that have a lot more apparent uses for me.

A Gruesome Discovery

Active Member
I think the amp sim is what kills it. A touch of SE on the dry track would probably sound great, but a guitar speaker pretty much kills all the frequencies that make the acoustic sound so good.


Established Member
Ditto -

I think you've got a good acoustic guitar sound there; I don't see why you want to put it through a guitar amp simulator.

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