Successful Twin X install on MacOS - 3rd times the charm

mark wilson

New Member
Purchased Twin X and decided to install on my Dell XPS TB 3 i7 Win 11 while I was waiting on Macbook M3P order. Installed smoothly onto window but audio distorted thru headphones and monitors. While floundering around with that for a few long days, my Macbook arrived, and I abandoned the Dell install.

Install on Macbook went worse for the next hour or so but I was able to find success using the UAD videos (unlike my windows issues).
The main issue was the error msg when loading console that I needed to 'allow access' to the device. Following the UAD directions for correcting privacy settings did not match my screen. I tried reinstall over the current install to same effect. Finally I found a video that explained steps for accessing "startup settings" while booting up to allow new extensions. Once that was set, console and meter would load. Yah! But now nothing happens when pressing the play button in Reaper.

As I was searching for why play button did not work, I found a UAD video that stated that many install issues on MacOS were resolved by a 'complete' uninstall and reinstall. Followed UAD steps for complete uninstall. Downloaded UAD install s/w again and everything worked.

My takeaway is that if I had known to set allow device access in startup settings prior to install, I would have had good chance of first-time success installing UAD onto my 2023 MacBook. On the bright side its working beautifully and I got a crash course in finding my way around a Macbook. I'm stoked to make some music!
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