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Sync in 4.0 DXi plugs


New Member
hi all,
i'm a long-time UAD owner but new to the forum.

i just installed the new 4.0 package on my system but can't seem to get the SYNC feature to work in the DXi versions of the plugs.

i'm running SONAR 4.04.

i know i can use the VST versions (and probably should, but haven't re-run the vst-adaptor yet) but i was wondering if this is a known issue in the DXi versions of the CS-1 and Nigel family of plugs?

thanks in advance for your help.

edit: fixed typo (sp)


Hey, welcome to the UAD-1 forum :)

I think most SONAR users, at least, as of S4, are now using the VST versions. After installing the UAD-1 4.0 update, I did have to manually check the \"Configure as a Tempo-Based Effect\" option, for each plugin, after running the SONAR 5, Cakewalk VST Configuration Wizard (which is now updated to version 4.5, btw), in order to activate the tempo sync. They are NOT activated by default. The tempo-sync does work flawlessly, once you enable it. The relevant plugins/modules:

Mod Filter

I have not used the DX versions since 3.11. The VST versions are performing flawlessly, (and yes the project looping finally works seamlessly) for me in SONAR 5.


New Member
hi billy,
thanks for the welcome and thanks for the reply.

yes, i also use the VST versions generally due to the looping issue, and know about the need to enable the tempo in the adaptor.

i have run the adaptor since posting this (i have a ton of vsts and try to avoid running the adaptor unless i have to - for various reasons), and indeed the sync works great in the vst versions.

but last night when i first installed, i was just trying to test the sync in the DXi's and it does not appear to work.

so i guess i was posting to find out if this is a known issue, or if it is a user error. i figured UAD would want to know if it is a problem...

but, i agree, i will probably remove the DXi's after i make sure they aren't being used in my old projects...

thanks again.


I read this in the 4.0 release notes recently regarding tempo-sync & using DX & RTAS plugin versions:

(DirectX, RTAS) UAD-1 Powered Plug-Ins do not support the Tempo Sync feature on the DirectX and RTAS platforms.

Note: Tempo Sync is supported in Sonar 4.0.3 using the Cakewalk VST Adapter.
Of course, tempo-sync works great in SONAR 5 too. :wink:

Another reason to stick to using the VST versions. You just have to remember to manually enable the tempo-sync feature for each applicable plugin via the VST Configuration Wizard, as it's inactive by default.


Yeah, I missed this the first time I hurriedly skimmed though the 4.0 release notes. :oops:

Thankfully, the VST versions are working great, so no real loss there.
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