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that 1967 beatles/beach boys sound with uad

hi there. I'm currently working on an album that i'd like mixed in a very retro late 60s way. The material is a mix between the busy lush arrangements of pet sounds and the punchy more groove based stuff on sgt pepper.

All drums are done with bfd2 using the classic ringo black oyster kit. All keys are vstis. Everything else is recorded through my wagner u47 and ba1073 pres. It all sounds nice but very modern as it is.

Can anyone advise me on any general techniques to use whilst mixing including application of uad plugs, reverbs etc on each different instrument. I also have psp vintage warmer, waves api bundle, altiverb 6 and a few free ones.

Thanks a lot.

Richard Hunter

Active Member
i hate to sound like goober, but why don't you just load up the tracks you are trying to emulate, and then work on matching each element by ear?

this will get you only so far. A VSTi mellotron won't sound like a mellotron, nor a sine wave sound or react like a theremin for example...or will a fender p bass sound like a hohner viola bass...

as far as mixing gear goes, check out that "Recording the Beatles" book for some good info regarding the equipment used on their sessions. (I'm afraid that most of their sound however was sculpted "on the way in" though, so it's not as easy to do after the fact).

yea i think the best thing is to listen to old records. pay attention to, in order of importance:

-reverb/spatial fx

and then compression, EQ, Tape emulation etc. (tape is tape! it's all done on tape!)

Maybe have your mix mastered to 1/4 inch tape to help it all come together. (hehe no pun intended)
sounds pretty much challenging. i remember having faced a similar challenge,

For guitars it shouldn't be that hard, but for drums, I have faced a real "problem" when i was trying to get close to that old drum kit sound of the 70's (the cardboard box like sound)

tried many different drum kits (DFH, BFD2 etc) .. tried also many different "vintage" like EQ (because that's what "they" were using and what was available back in the 70's) Helios 69, Pultec, Fairchild etc.. Tape warmers .. etc nothing really could bring that close to the sound i was looking for, only some EQ job gave something "barely" sounding similar.. , actually a Transient designer helped to reduce drum's sustain.. i tried also to load some of those old tracks and just approach the result by ear.. and finally i was not satisfied about the final result tho and was a bit disappointed. then a bit later i learned that they used to trick mic's and detune drumkits to have that sound.

so i think we must have something wrong in our digital home / daw era. we got "similar" type of emulating processing filters, similar type of drums and instruments sound, but it just won't sound the same! WTF lol

Paradigm X

Established Member
I was spending money virtually the other day and came across this;

http://www.soundsonline.com/Fab-Four-Vi ... W-170.html

I only mention it as i saw it, not any recommendation or anything.

Might be a quicker way of achieving what you're after ?

I haven't a clue how to eq etc to get those effects, sorry. :oops:
ack! will someone make a good tape plug already!!!
thanks for the heads up on fab four... i'm not really convinced by their demos.. i was just hoping there's a way i can do it with what i've got... i've been compressing the drum bus with either the API 2500 comp or fairchild and it gets a kind of vintage sound but it just doesn't have the punch and i think i need something on the snr and bd but i cant work it out! i have the recording the beatles book which is amazing but there's not a whole load i can apply to my bedroom recording situation.
thanks for your help


I've been mixing one of my songs recently in mono, I usually try to cut quite a bit in the hf department. I use quite a bit of pultec to do so (especially acoustic guitars).
Fairchild on vocals and drums seem to do the trick...
The Plate 140 is a great addition if you use it sparingly (or not !), I usually use it with quite a bit of predelay...
Here's an example here...
Although I need maybe to add reverb on the vocals here, I have to come back to that one :

Although it sounds more 64/65 ish !!!


You're talking about two diametrically OPPOSITE sounds. On Beatles records of that era, everything is surprisingly compressed and in-your-face, with a lot of EQ'ing for effect, whereas Brian Wilson's productions from the same era have minimal compression and EQ, and NO compression on the vocals! That allows the emotion of the vocals on "Pet Sounds" to come through, and the same approach was followed for the stereo remix done in the 90's.
ah i see... could you give me some pointers for both directions so i can apply them as appropriate?
thanks a lot
btw.. been listening to pet sounds this week... shits on everything!
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