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The real cost?


I'm curious... :?:

No being in the pro-recording industry, gives the advantage(disadvantage too) of having a birds eye view of certain discussions/issues.

What logic is followed when acquiring gear (hard & soft) to complete a project?

a) Does the customer ask specifically for it? .e.g. I saw the Lenny Kravitz video - I need it that doodad!

b) Pear pressure e.g. everybody on this forum loves it therefor it must be good

c) Objective can only be reached by acquiring that gear e.g. extra mic for choir duty.

d) Acquisition syndrome e.g. haven't got it - must have it!!



POLYGEN..is that everytime, majority of the time ...last time you checked only applied to those cables you bought..?? :wink:

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
All of the above come into play at one point or another. A & C are both absolutely valid reasons, though you can usually talk your way out of A with enough name-dropping.


Interesting.. both of you [Polygen & Eric] include links to stores/product sites - do you guys earn your crust selling audio equipment?

Polygen - yes your answer is sober - almost too sober? I have visited so may forums of this nature in last few years and all the advice, discussion points to the purchase of the \"next big thing\" or \"audio quality break-through\"...much akin to most hi-fi enthuasist discussions. 8)

An analogy I like: \" If there was a paint supplier and user forum for Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Picasso - the focus would be on the latest red pigmentation available!\" :lol:


Just this...I'd think you'd be interested in that motivating factor that you gives you more business...say (b) or (d)? or are your customers (majority) as level headed..?
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