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New Member
Announcing Focusrite Liquid Mix

A Revolutionary Liquid Multi-channel Firewire Mix Processor

Liquid Mix’s onboard DSP hosts 32 classic EQs and 32 vintage compressors simultaneously in the mix – an impossible task to achieve with your computer’s CPU alone.

Each of Liquid Mix’s 32 channels provides Compressor and EQ emulations selected from a huge pool of high-quality vintage and modern day classics. 40 Compressors and 20 EQs are available straight out of the box, with an expanding library online. Furthermore, a totally unique hybrid 7-band ‘super EQ’ can be built out of separate classic EQ sections in every one of the 32 channels. Each channel appears as a separate VST/AU/RTAS effect within the sequencer and will work within all major applications, including Pro Tools.

Liquid Mix uses the same patented Dynamic Convolution process as Focusrite’s Liquid Channel. Unlike standard convolution techniques, Dynamic Convolution utilizes vast processing power to sample the effect of a classic processor on a series of audio pulses, at many different gain settings and frequencies. In Liquid Mix, all this processing is done using onboard DSP, so the processing has almost no effect on your computer’s own CPU.

Liquid Mix’s DSP is housed within an elegant desktop control solution and connects to the computer via Firewire, which also provides bus-powering. The physical metering, screen, rotary controls and buttons on the hardware help to provide a tactile ergonomic solution, placing the sounds of an array of high quality vintage processors at your fingertips. You can choose to control each channel either from the desktop control unit, or from within the sequencer, using a simple GUI that functions exactly like a plug-in.

An optional expansion card is available for Liquid Mix, allowing users to increase the number of available channels at higher sample rates (sold separately). The card is quick and easy to install and fits neatly into the underside of the unit.

The original Liquid Channel won a plethora of awards, and has been a worldwide hit in the audio production world, from project studios to post production and broadcast facilities, not to mention the Live arena. Liquid Mix complements the original, delivering dynamic convolution for use in the mix. Since The Liquid Channel’s vast, elaborate and expensive analogue mic pre section is not required at mix down, Focusrite has been able to bring Liquid Technology to the masses at a much more accessible price.

Liquid Mix Highlights

One of a kind – any Compressor and EQ in history
Every Liquid Mix channel uses dynamic convolution to provide 40 compressors and 20 EQs, with a free expanding library online.

Onboard DSP
32 Channels of Liquid Mix Compression and 32 EQs run off the desktop hardware’s own DSP – many more than are possible with CPU alone

Software and Hardware control
EQ and Compression can be applied via a hands-on control surface, or within your DAW application via a simple GUI.

Hybrid Super EQ creation
Unique 7-band super EQs can be created, constructed from separate classic EQ sections of your choosing

Desktop Metering
Large format LED bar-graphs mean ergonomic display of levels and processor impact.

Optional Expansion Card
An optional DSP expansion card is available to increase the maximum channel count at higher sample rates.

http://www.dancetech.com/aa_dt_new/foru ... ads_end=50

Price and availability
The Mac version of Liquid Mix is targeted to ship in Q2 of 2006. The PC version is expected to follow later in 2006. The unit is expected to retail for just £499 inc. VAT in the UK. Please contact your distributor for local pricing (visit http://www.focusrite.com/wheretobuy.asp for a full distributor listing).


Established Member
But what's it SOUND like? They can smear icing on it all day long, I need the puddin for the proof. :D


New Member
its supposed to use the same tech as the focusrite liquid channel. liquid channel's convolution eq's & comp's sounds better than any plugin i've ever heard.


Venerated Member
If they would have claimed to have nailed an analog tape machine indistinguishable from the real thing at extreme settings, and could promise 8 simultaneous instances, they would have had my attention. As of now they dont. I really don't see a need to replace UA comps.

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
The way the controller is integrated into the unit is great. At the same time, I'm worried about it being a firewire unit, seeing as the Powercore Firewire continues to have problems for some PC users.

Is it going to kill the UAD-1 & Powercore? UA makes a case in an old webzines as to why dynamic convolution is inferior for compression duties. I myself wasn't too thrilled with the Liquid Channel compressors when I used it but I've heard stories of people buying two Liquid Channels just to get those compressors in stereo.

Personally, I'm looking forward to having one running side-by-side with my other DSP accelerators for covering EQ & tape emulation duties.

MASSIVE Mastering

Active Member
If it's going to be as \"amazing\" as the Liquid Channel, you can call me unimpressed.

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
btw, it's supposed to be $799 in the US.


Established Member
I've yet to hear anyone stand on a mountain and proclaim their love of the liquid channel to the world.
Mostly I hear its overpriced and soon to be obsolete.

No one is going to \"kill\" UAD or poco, ever. The user base is pretty loyal. But I'm wondering if FF is on a fruitless endeavor here. How many people out there are really utilizing dsp cards? I dont know that many outside of this forum. *shrug*

Dan Duskin

Established Member
The fact that it has it's own controller.... I'M SOLD!!!! Tell me when and where and I'll have my credit card in hand!!!!

Finally... EQ and Compression hands on control like the Sony Oxford/DMX!!! I've wanted a stand alone EQ and Compression controller FOREVER!!! I'm sick of mousing around...


Yes, the controller is nice too. Its a second thing for me as using Live allows you to easily map every plugin parameter to a standard midi controller.

Could be nice though if its well implemented and the knobs get updated automatically when you select different plugis inside your host. Well, actually, that its what it should be :roll:


Active Member
Until today I've never heard of those Liquid plugs in audio forums... do you have direct experiences about them? Sure, the price and the controller are very interesting, but I think the value is in how they sound, also compared to other stuff like Urs, Waves, etc.


Active Member


Is it for real ?!?!?

there is nothing on focusriste website :?


Hehehehe.......Eric did not waste anytime! :)


MASSIVE Mastering said:
If it's going to be as "amazing" as the Liquid Channel, you can call me unimpressed.
As a sintefex fx8000 owner I completely agree. However, failing at properly emulating something doesn't make a unit bad in general. On the contrary, it's quite ok indeed and I wouldn't mind having 32 channels of better than average (IMHO) EQ's and compressors. Especially considering the price.

Will it be the UAD killer? No way. Will it complement the UAD? Yes.

No disrespect to UA (I own 2 cards with all the comps) but the Liquid Channel (I own 1!) comps beat any plugs on the market. The sonic flavours and the dynamic responses are fantastic. The only thing that comes close is Waves SSL (I also have that!) The Liquid Comps just sound good on anything. Most software comps just don't sound right on some things (piano springs to mind) but the liquid really scores here. This liquid mix will be amazing (comparing it to plugs).
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