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Thinking of adding another card...


New Member
Yo guys...I bought my UAD-1 when it first came out, and have purchased none of the additional plugins to date. So I've got the standards, Pultec, Nigel, and Dreamverb.

I use the UAD extensively and I really like it a lot. I'd like to purchase some of the new plugs, so I'm considering picking up a 2nd card with \"flexi-pack\" so I can grab some of the newer plugs.

I'm thinking I want...

Plate 140
Precision Limiter
Precision EQ (I don't have the Cambridge EQ either)
...and maybe one of those Chorus plugins.

Are these good choices? I don't see a lot of discussion about the plugs themselves here anymore - just technical computer issues.


.mr chris

Active Member
Plate140: great!
PLIM: great!
PEQ: great!
Roland Dimension D(SDD-320): great!

you might want to check the Chorus-Bundle and the Master-Bundle for \"bargain\"


Active Member
Personally, I'd recommend the lot, but if you'd rather have more mixing tools then go for the channel compressors, choruses and Cambridge. Id you already have some decent mixing plugins from other makers, then try the Precision bundle to polish/master your mixes. Unless the Fairchild really hits the spot with you, I'd leave that for a while, as it's quite a unique but specialist tool.

Just thinking about it, we do actually have loads of UAD-1 plugins out now don't we? :D
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