\"This Mistake\" -- a protest song


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[Sorry 'bout the cross-post if you saw this over on Steinie's forums.]

Here's my latest composition/performance/recording:


It's not the final draft, but it's presentable. I hope to have a friend come by soon and record a real bass.

I don't want this thread to turn into a political discussion, despite the content. But I'd be interested to hear what you think about the song/recording (but only if you love it!). ;)

Here are the lyrics:

This Mistake

Another day,
another number
Is this the one
we’ll remember?
They said his name,
his town of birth,
then quickly hid him
in the earth


When will we care?
When will we doubt?
When will we ask
what it’s about?
When will we say,
for Heaven’s sake,
the last has died
for this mistake?

They hear and feel
each distant boom
Filling homes
with dread and gloom
Where’s the hope
they’ve been hearing of?
Is this the freedom
they’ve been told to love?


Another year, another vote
Will our leaders
please take note?
The course you’ve set
and still defend—
This reign of fear
soon will end



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Very nice song man ! Great taste of sounds.. Do you get it mastered or do you do that yourself ?


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Very nice song. Opinion, the bass could be bumped up a tad to give it some more power. Other than that sounded great.
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