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Tiny clicks with the multi band in Wavelab

Unfortunately, I am getting tiny clicks with the multiband when mastering in Wavelab (5.0 and UAD 4.2)
I am inly using the multi band and the precision EQ as far as UAD plugs are concerned. The multi is the first plug in the chain.
I tried bringing the input and output of the multiband down to no avail...

To bad, since removing the multiband makes the problem go away and I love the mix I get with it :cry:


What sample rate are you working at?
If you have only one card, you may not be able to use these two plugins at high sample rates.

You can only use 2 MBs per card at 44.1!

.mr chris

Active Member

- do you have HT hyperthreading \"on\"?
- the clicks, only while playback?
- or also in renders, realtime, non-realtime?
- did you try turbo-dma on/ off?
- which samplerate, samplebuffer, MIN_GNT setting?

Rich, I use the MB at 44.1kHz only.

Chris, the clicks are present during playback and rendering, hyper-threading is on and the drives have turbo DMA on.

sampl rate: 44.1kHz, sample buffer: 512
what is Min_gnt setting?

question: my primary IDE master is my CD/DVD player (I guess it is in serie with the boot HD. Is this to be avoided?

Many Thanks!
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