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to sell or not to sell my avalon vt747sp


New Member
ok in my studio i have a avalon vt737 and a vt747 now i use the 737 a lot as pre amp.

But sinds i bought my aud-1 im not using my 747 a lot anymore, it looks to me my clients didn't hear any difference between the 747 and aud-plugins.

i'm using pultec-pro and 1176ln and presision limeter mostly.

now i bought it second hand, and i had an offer for even more then i payed for the 747 .

i'm still confused if i shoud sell it or not.

do you think the uad plugins are the same quality as a hardware unit like this one.

grtz Werner

(sory for my bad englisch)


Active Member
I'd say sell it... The avalon is a nice piece of gear by all means, but it has a couple of things going against it... Take it with a grain of salt cause I don't own it, but have used it... if memory serves correct it's kinda clean and transparent, doesn't seem to have a whole lot of character -- not a bad thing, but plenty of plugins out there nowadays can perform similar roles... And the fixed EQ section, while sounding nice enough, is pretty inflexible for anything but broad tonal adjustments... It's an odd unit -- marketed as a mastering processor, but lacking the feature set and flexibility to do the job... So what is its role? Semi-pro mastering device? You'll likely be able to make better sounding masters with the UAD, ozone, waves -- any of that stuff if for no other reason than the larger palette of options they afford you. I know there's the temptation to keep it around cause it's analog and worth some coin... But it seems too clean (maybe unexciting is a better word) to be kept soley for warming or character. And what little you stand to gain in that department may easily be offset by the extra conversion steps in between...

But again, this is all based on my limited time with it... Maybe I didn't dig in deep enough to get past my initial impression.


New Member
you are absolutely right it's very clean even the tube signal path is very clean.

i us it to record synths and other electronic instruments , now i compared instruments recorded true the avalon with direct recorded instruments .
On the direct recorded instruments i used uad plugs and i had problems to hear diferences.

for mastering it's not very handy becourse its no multiband only an eq section in the side chain and this is not realy working for mastering jobs.

the eq is nice but only for simple tonal adjustment i agree.

hmmm i'm leaning towards selling this device.

anyone else an opinion about this device.


Better do some serious a/b-ing first!

My opinion is never sell quality gear. It will cost you more to replace if you need it again someday.

My DAW - UAD1 = still pretty great!

My DAW - Avalon 747 = not so great...:cry:

Having said that - Your opinion is what counts...


Then you can decide with confidence. :)
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