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To UA ~ Convolution


To UA,
Out of sheer curiousity, is there any interest in developing a convolution reverb for the UAD-1?

Ben Logan

Active Member
I'm a fan of SIR (a freebie - you guys probably know about it). I just demo'd the new Wizoo convolution reverb last night. Pretty neat. Initially I was knocked out. Then I replayed the mix I'd done with the cheapo RS-1 early reflection engine, and actually liked that better. More natural sounding. Good job UA. Love those little underdog plugs.


Venerated Member
Try Elevayta Convoboy. Elevayta plugs are really special.

Ben Logan

Active Member
electro77 said:
Try Elevayta Convoboy. Elevayta plugs are really special.
How's it compare to SIR? I checked out their website. My only concern with the plug is that you can't set a pre-delay (?)

Thanks for the tip though. I'll give it a shot electro.

Re: possible UA convolution plugin - Convolution takes up so much processing power, I'd rather run one native than have it eating up my sole UA card's DSP.


Active Member
Personally I find the Voxengo Convolution plugins to be hard to beat. The Perfect Space plugin that comes with Sonar 5 is my usual go to stereo convolution plugin now a days even though I own it's big brother Pristine Space.

As a side... MAN if that Elevayta Extraboy thing works half as good as the demos portray then it is a freaking REVOLUTIONARY plugin... amazing really.

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