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Toft ATC-2


Established Member
Has anyone tried one out?
I'm looking for an external stereo Eq and the buzz is that the Eq on the Toft ATC-2 pre is of \"trident quality\".
It's quite inexpensive as well considering it's got a stereo F.E.T compressor on board.

Well, any insight or advice would be appreciated!

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
They claimed to me - unofficially, of course - that the compressor is a copy of the 1176LN. I have no idea if this is true or not.


Established Member
Thanks for the input guys. However my \"intel\" so far tells me that the Eq on the Toft far exels the one on the twinQ. While the (opto) compressor in the twinQ sounds better than the (fet) compressor in the atc-2.
At least that's what i read in a post from a PMI rep.
in which forumw, i don't remember.. gearslutz?

My interest in the Toft unit is pretty much because of it's Eq since that's the only field i think my UAD's fall a bit short. or ANY software eq for that matter.

No further hands on experience with the ATC-2 and the Eq in perticular Eric?

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
Sad story, they loaned me one for a month & I just never got around to using it. Anyway, while one might guess there are similarities between the Meek & Toft units since they're made in the same factory, I don't think it's fair to jump to such a conclusion when there's so much room for variation (the argument is a little more fair with microphones since there are so fewer components involved). Those Chameleon Neve clones are also made in that factory yet share nothing in common with either of those two units.


Established Member
Hey thanks for the link Scott!

Well that made me want that heap of knobs even more..

On a side note, When i first heard about the Toft ATB (mixing console) it was still in development and Malcolm Toft said he's working on a series of mixers in the price range of some $1500-2500 depending on number of channels.
Needless to say i got exited like a rabbit but now when it's released the 16 ch version costs ~ $4000 in sweden.. so i guess that console will remain just a dream.

The ATC-2 is looking better and better though!

[edit: here's the link i was referring to, it was PMI's Alan Hyatt who posted. Sales-talk sure, but nevertheless...]

MASSIVE Mastering

Active Member
I have an ATC2 here that I use occasionally for several purposes...

For recording, it's quite good. I was a little more impressed than Fletcher with the preamps. Are they gold? No - But for the price, they kick hard. The compressor, same thing. Much better than most of the budget-friendly \"channel strip\" units out there. Once this thing runs past a Eureka, all that's left of it is \"Eek!\" (heh!) :lol:

But I do agree with him on the EQ... That's worth the price of the entire unit all by itself. Not incredibly flexible, and (okay, I'm a little spoiled here) I'd love a freakin' center dent (is that so much to ask?), but a great sounding piece.
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