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Traded in a year ago and...


Good morning everyone.

Well it's pushing about a year ago that I bought my Mac Pro and had to trade-in my PCI Uad-1 card at the music store as it wouldn't work in the Mac.
Out of curiosity I noticed a PCIe card for sale locally for $500, and when I logged into MY profile, I see that my PCI card is still registered under my name. It'll be a year @ the end of April. Holy crap, mine was the Studio version that had most of the original plugs just before they released the Neve stuff. So I've been wondering if I purchased the PCIe card and registered it yada yada. What a waste to see those plugs not used!
I assume even if someone bought the card as a base 2nd card to their rig that it should be pulled out of my account, should it not?
I guess I shouldn't but it is damn tempting...


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There are 2 ways to transfer ownership of a card:

- With no plug-ins (The card is then a Projekt Pak and only has the base set of Nigel, Pultec, 1176SE and so on)
- With ALL extra plug-ins

If you sold it to the shop as a bare card (a Project Pak) you could transfer ownership without plugs get yourself a PCIe and be a member of the elite once more.... and have your extra plugs

It would be good to transfer ownership because the buyer of your old PCI card will have to register it if they want to add plug ins.
More here:http://www.uaudio.com/support/software/UAD/FAQ.html#own
If you buy a new PCIe card while the PCI card is still registered to your account you will get a voucher for crossgrading, by the way!


I hear ya, there is no way to transfer the card till someone buys it, I guess it's sitting in a stalk room somewhere. I sold it with all the plugs, trade-in was over a $1000, not the project pak, but it's still on my account. I left my info, name and phone # with the card so the buyer can contact me and change it over, but no buyer in a year. Man it's tempting to just register the second card and carry on. I won't but I miss a couple of those plugs really bad!
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