TRIPHOP : Coming Home 2005


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Hi all,

This is the (almost) finishing of a song in the triphop project Thalamus, which came a long long way.

It uses many many instruments, mostly Creamware stuff and UAD.

I'm still working on the finishing part before the last chorus, and the outro in general.

I hope you like it, and feel free to comment.

P.S. I know about the random clicks...sorry!

there is also an old version here to compare : ... Home%2Emp3


Hi thalamus

Feedback seems to be little over here, in the last 24 hrs.
I'm gonna take a listen tonight, when back at home, and write
If you want to, you can listen and comment to the one I posted yesterday.



This is very nice man, definitely digging it a lot. Very good job on sitting that vocal in the mix, you didn't bury it in reverb :)

Really nothing I can add, you've done a great job on this. I'd love a copy of this on CD :)


Very nice vocal, the reverb just fits nicely. I like the choice of your sounds very much. The effecting of the drum gooves is very cool.



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Hi there,

Thank you for listening, the reverb is actually the UAD plate.

Hmm, with the cd thing...well, the project need to get signed first, but I'll inform you if such thing happen.


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Very Very Nice.

Man I wish I understood this genre.

Love the efx.....


This is really good. I ahave been a fan of ttrip-hop since it's inception, and this is the real deal. As others have said the placement of the vocal is perfect, and not washing it in reverb works well.

Nice job!
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