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Loved the demo o fthe new Neve Compressor so much i bought a second card in order to run it alongside my other UAD plugs...

Well... i reopened a song in Logic 7.2 that i had saved with the Neve Comp in use and a few other plugs (uad) anyway, when i reopen the NEve Comp is disabled due to lack of CPU resources or whatever the term is.. it's disabled! When it was working fine all together when i saved the song!

Now, song running without the Neve Comp shows 30 percent card in use?

I know the Neve comp is DSP heavy, but i got two cards, it was working fine when i saved the song? Now it can't handle it, what do i do? It seems if i bypass all the plugs til zero uad cards dsp is used and re-introduce the plugs one by one with the neve comp first they will play nice together, that is weird right? lame? both?

If i have to do this everytime i open a track it will drive me nuts?

If my template song has the neve comp assigned to the 2buss at startup, then any other plugs are added afterwards would it make a difference in re-opening the song after it's saved? IS the order the plugs are assigned related to how the cards resources are assigned?

How can i avoid this pain in the ass problem?


I will continue my experiments, if anyone bothers to respond and join this thread i may share my findings with ya'll....


Besides the fact the SE version of the Neve Comp sounds like crap compared to the full version...

I CLEARLY stated it was working fine alongside every other UAD plug when i saved the song in Logic

ONLY when i RE-OPENED the song did i have a DSP resource, plugin 'disabled' problem...

Anyone else?


Sadly, left this world before his time.
Did you register the second card? If yes, have you downloaded the new authorisation file that includes both cards?



Everything seems in order... in the UAD meter Authorizations page, everything says it's all A-OK..

However, i set the AU bypass function to free up DSP when bypassed..

So..i bypassed a few plugs including the 'disabled' Neve Comp..

Then i un-bypassed the Neve comp, followed by the rest of the UAD plugs..

Viola! Eureka!

All the plugs work fine together, 70 percent on the UAD meter?

Guess i have to use this workaround for now..

Maybe someone else will find this useful...

Anyone witha better idea of how the resources are allocated etc is welcome to help still...


Sadly, left this world before his time.
That's the major issue with DSP hungry plugs: you have to manually disable and then enable them in order for them to be properly allocated. Powercore gives you 3 different allocation options; I think UA could do something similar.


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I had a similar problem with one of my songs, except that no matter what I tried, I couldn't get it to work. So I had to freeze a lot of tracks with UAD-1 plugins (Logic Pro 7.2.3) and just work with 4 UAD-1 plugins on 3 cards!!!

I tried creating a new song file and copying the Arrange window tracks over, but no luck. I was on the phone with UA Tech support and even eMailed them the song for testing - no reply yet.

I was getting bizarre behavior, like when I enabled a Roland Dimension D and no other plugins, it would load on 1 card and the card's CPU use showed as 80% - for 1 DD plugin!!! This is on the System Info window of the UAD-1 Meter application. Another anomaly was when I enabled a Neve 33609 (not SE), and then the Neve EQ (non SE), and both would load on the same card, leaving the other 2 cards empty!

No matter what I did, it just wouldn't behave properly until I did as described in the first paragraph. And it was only for this song - thank God.
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