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UAD-1 and Poco PCI Play Nice??


Active Member
I have one PCI slot left and I am looking at selling one of my two Nuverb cards in order to purchase Poco Unplugged and VSS3...Concerned about IRQ conflicts and other oddities...I have 2 UAD-1's running on XP SP2 with a Multi-face box...

The Nuverbs sound amazing but the 2nd card isn't being used because I need an Alesis AI-4 or RME ADD-4 ...This will set me back more $$$ plus I am getting tired of not having everything ITB...


Established Member
I run both and there is no problems. It shouldn't be a problem with ACPI enabled anyway. As the Powercore are UAD are detected as different devices in the BIOS (at least in mine) they should assigned two different IRQ's.

Mind you, I have an older PCI chipset not one of these modern PCI-E enabled setups.

Wait for more replies.


I run both and no probs.

Stuart Stuart

Active Member
I have 3 UAD's and an original 9 foot long Poco PCI, which run alongside each other without issue. That said, if so many older projects didn't rely on the Poco verbs, I'd dump it and get another UAD.

I used to think 'UAD for compressors, Poco for Verbs', but the Plate 140 has changed all that. And with so many nice convolution verbs around, and FX teleport and quad core processors to run them, the TC verbs aren't so special anymore.

All that said, I really do love the Inflator! That thing does what it promises. Because of that, I'll probably keep it - I'm looking at getting a Firewire RME interface, so I can I can free up another PCI and go to 4 UAD cards.

But I wouldn't recommend the Powercore to a new customer. UA have left TC for dead, and TC's pricing is ludicrous - a grand for the Harmony4 Plugin!!

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
I never use the stock verbs anymore but nothing compares to the VSS3, NonLin2, & DVR2.


Active Member
Stuart Stuart said:
I haven't tried the VSS3.
Hey Stuart Stuart...I can sympathize with your doubt..but I have gotten pretty much the same response from other reputable people on other forums -- the VSS3 is pretty freakin good and the one software verb that can set itself apart from the others....

For me, the external verb thing is becoming a bit of a pain...the Nuverb isn't so bad because you can save your presets and instantly recall them...but the extra costs seem to be out-weighing the beneft of going with a "contender" software verb
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