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UAD-1 & Athlon AM2 chipset compability

Ronny Pries

New Member

i couldn't find much related information on this topic yet. So, how's the situation with the new AM2 chipset motherboards, specifically the NForce 5x chips?

I heard some good stuff about compability but would like to have this confirmed first. And what about the performance?

Looking forward to hearing some experience reports (hopefully)!



New Member
I was in the same boat as you - there doesn't seem to be any info yet, so I took the plunge but played it a bit safe by going for a K8T890 chipset rather than the NForce.

I'll post the full specs in the main thread, but the short of it is that the UAD-1 is working fine, and in the mere week I've had it I've yet to have any stability issues.

From what I've read elsewhere, the performance of AM2 vs s939 is negligible despite the DDR2 support. But you know how useless benchmarks are.

Edit: Full specs here

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
I picked up a new NForce AM2 board the other day & will test it with the UAD-1 & Powercore when I get back from my business trip.


the new AMD M2 (nforce 5) works wonderfully.
we tested with 2 PCI UAD and 2 PCIe UAD.
we also added poco in the mix both worked well
tested with both firewire interfaces and PCI.

FYI the PCIe UADs also work well on the Nforce4



New Member
that's also my main question at the moment. does it still matter to have the VIA K8T890 chipset while using x2 CPUs for AM2 Sockets? (Asus M2V Board for example).

I am going to change my system to AM2 the next months and I got some bad experiences with my 939 system at nForce, while using UAD PCI.
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