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UAD-1 installation questions


New Member
Hello guys,
I have finished my 'search&test' of the UAD-1 cards and I'm definitely going to buy two Studio cards, but since I am a computer idiot, I have to ask something before actually buying them. What do I have to check on my PC to make sure that my two UAD-1s are going to work well???I don't want to buy them and then find out that they don't work on my PC...

First of all, I do have two PCI slots available - one thing less to worry about
My PCI bus isn't very loaded - I only have a LynxTWO-B PCI card

Anything else I should check??

Any hints are more than welcome!


Sadly, left this world before his time.
In theory, the only requirements should be the free PCI slots and WinXP/2000, not 98/ME. However, there are usually some minor incompatibilities with some PC components, so you'd better post your full system info.

You could also check at the UA support page about incompatibilities with some motherboards.

.mr chris

Active Member
you should buy:
- one ULTRA pack
- one project pack

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