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UAD-1 PCI \"One or more plugins disabled\" Error


New Member
Hi...sorry if I've posted this in the wrong forum...I'm new here. Please re-direct me if necessary.

I have a DellXPS M170 2.16 single intell centrino processor laptop running XP Pro with 2 gig of Ram. I have 3 UAD-1 cards running in a Magma 4 card PCI chasis along with a Lynx-22 audio card (all purchased before UAD came out with their own chasis). I run Nuendo 3 with all it's updates. I have the latest UAD software and I have the latest Magma software.

I get \"One or more plugins disabled\" error on a regular basis. Even if all the programs are sitting idle...doesn't matter how many plugins are running. The only way to eliminate the error is to just not use any UAD plugins. It also doesn't matter if I take out the Lynx card (which seems to work fine).

I've had this problem for a while and haven't been able to find the answer to this specific problem on-line. It's just getting more frustrating with time so I signed up here to see if I can make this system work properly (more stable).

Any Help would be appreciated. When it works, it's the best. Thanks.


Most of the time, the UADs run smoothly, but what you mention, unfortunately is a common bug, especially if you use multiple cards.

If you fill a project with Plug ins, save it and try to load it again, the UADs have problems in balancing the load of the plug ins. They behave especially ugly with heavy load Plug Ins (Neve, 201, Plate...), for which there should be enough overall power, but the system is unable to pull the power out of the DSP chips because the order of Plug in loading is not ideal.

The only chance is to disable some or all of the Plug ins and load them manually again.

You will find lots of articles with the topic \"Load Balancing\"

It´s not a bug, it´s a feature :)

So don´t worry...

But we all agree, it´s a nasty bug.


New Member
Hi kleinholgi

Thanks for your reply.

I'll look into the \"load balancing\" articles you talked about.

However, maybe I should clarify that this happens even if I have one card or even if I am using a single plugin such as 1 LA-2A. It doesn't happen upon startup (99%) of the time. It seems to happen at random intervals.

For instance, I could be working on a mix (which has been working fine) and without touching any UA plugins, suddenly it gives me the error (seemingly out of the blue) and some or all the plugins shut down (like I said...there might only be one plugin running). The only way to get them back is to shut down the song and restart the song again...then they work fine for a while...then Bam! it happens at some random point down the road.

I should also explain that the load meter can be at 1% and it will still happen.

It's also very frustrating when it happens in the middle of a mixdown...

This also never happened when I ran two cards in a desktop.

Still seem like the same thing?

Thanks for your time.


New Member
I'm running Digital Performer 5 on a Mac G5 Dual 1.8, so no match there, but I do have four UAD-1 cards in a Magma 4-card chassis. My rig worked well for awhile and then, disabled plugs and not seeing the cards on boot up got more frequent. Then it started losing communication with the cards during mixes. Then it would only see the chassis on boot up if only one card was in. I installed a new cable from Magma, since the old Tyco cables are known to be less than reliable. The cable didn't fix it, but switching the Magma card from the pci slot next to the video card to the one farthest from it did the trick. Although my situation smells like a Mac buss or pci slot voltage issue to me, you might try changing card slots to see if that helps.


New Member
Hi Audiobox.

Thanks for the input. However, since I am running a laptop, changing PCI slots isn't a problem or option. There is only one cardbus slot for the laptop. I have heard of your particular issue before and have read several postings on changing the PCI slots.

Hope you solve your problem...wierd that it progressively got worse.



Oh, that´s bad and doesn´t sound like only Load Balancing.

When it happens, can you have a look in the UAD Meter under \"System\" and check, if the Card is still recognized ?

If the problem still persists, I wouldn´t hesitate to let the UAD support know about it. Maybe the card is broken.

Brian Brock

Active Member
keep the uad system info open while you mix, and see whether the plugs running count gets progressively higher without you adding any.

I've been having a similar problem and it seems related to miscommunication between Samplitude and UAD about when to drop the plug.

Hope I make sense, I am sick...


New Member
For Brian. Nope. No problem with it getting progressively higher.

For Kleinholgi. All three cards were working fine and then when I got the error, it still said card 2 was working, but suddenly there were no plugins running on it. (so it obviously wasn't working).


New Member
I've since tested several more times and have founf that when I get the error, a random card goes down...I've had a ll three go down at different times. Maybe time to bring in the tech's.
i have this problem all once in a while on my mac g5.

it usually goes away after restarting the computer. annoying, though...
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