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Uad-1 Plugs Freezing on a SP G5 1.8mhz


New Member
I recently purchased the uad-1 for my mac G5 1.8ghz single processor system running cubase sl 2. I'm having a problem with the uad plug ins \"freezing\". After about 10 mins of working in a song project I'm unable to open the plug in to make changes to it's settings and I'm unable to change to a different plug in. The song still runs fine but the plug in just seems to freeze. If I quit cubase and then restart the computer the plug in then seem to work again. Initially I thought it might have something to do with me running the plugs in demo mode, but I just purchased the plug ins I want and they still freeze. Also it happens with the plugs that come standard with the uad-1. Any idea why this is happening?


New Member
Problem Fixed (kinda)

The \"Constrain Delay Compensation\" button in Cubase SL 2 is the culprit here. When I turn it on it turns off the Master Bus compressor.


Venerated Member
I don't use a MAC, but are you using any Native plugs? I have never had UA plugs do this. If I use certain Native CPU plugs (that was made poorly) in the project, it freezes all of the plugs, untill I remove it. I stopped using those pesky plugs some time ago. I don't remember which ones they were, but they seemed to act even worse at higher sample rates.

off the top of my head: some of them were Antares & BlueTubes.

Sorry I can't help anymore than that.
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