UAD-1 Studio Pak (PCI)


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Like new, used to mix one record and then pulled out, put back in box and sat on shelf for 3 months until now. This is the package that comes with the LA-2A, Cambridge EQ, Pultec, Farichild, Dreamverb, etc. The project pack seems to be going for 250-300, I'm not sure about the studio pack, but it was I think 700 or 800 new. So, make me a reasonable offer and I'll consider it, I'd really like to get rid of this thing. (Though I really liked it. I wish there was a reasonable way to use it with a macbook pro besides magma!)


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Hello there redisred,
I'm really interested in your offer, however right now my money is almost non existent. What about an exchange? A trade.

I can offer you a Korg Trinity Plus, circa 1996. Manuals, floppies (altough the fd unit needs substitution), software to send/receive songs, programs, combis, kits from and to the Mac/Pc.

I think you'll prefer someone's money but... I'm behind one of those and maybe you'll like to have this silver beast :twisted:


I'm guessing you're talking pound sterling.
How about 350 for my entrance in the wonderfull world of uad?
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