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UAD-1e: Vouchers not showing up in account. Please Help!!!


New Member
I just purchased a second card, the UAD-1e Express Pack. (My fist card is UAD-The new card is UAD-1e.

I installed it and authorized the new card. Both now show up in my account.

Upon registration, I received ian immediate $150 (UAD$150 Promotion)
The $50 voucher they sent out is there too. $200 is in my account.

A $100 voucher is supposed to be included with the Express Pack.

This is not showing up in my account. There wasn't anything in the box about it either.

Is there something else I have to do to find this?

Also, since I originally had a UAD-1 and have added a UAD-1e, I am supposed to recieve an additional $100. ( UAD-1 to UAD-1e Cross Grade - $100)

This is not showing up either.

All total, I should have $400 in my account, but I only have $200.

I am almost down to the wire on this. The deadline is tonight at 11:59 p.m.

Could someone please help me out. I think I must be missing something.



Venerated Member
Are you the same \"uptoolate\" from Gearslutz? :p

UA will certainly help you out, even if it's beyond the deadline. Even though they're not back until tomorrow, apparently email tech support has been responding, so give that a try. I'm sure you will get what you were due.

Peter (aka Conz on Gearslutz)


Active Member
Are you sure you haven't been confused by the difference of promo coupons and voucher credit? The 150$ promo and the earlier $50 promo are couponcodes. The $100 included with ExpressPak and the $100 crossgrade are store credit. You should have Store voucher balance of $200 and one coupon code for $150 (the $50 coupon expired yesterday)

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