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UAD-2 or something more?


What if UA were working on something a bit more ambitious than a more powerful UAD-1. What if they were developing a digital mixing framework not all together different from TDM HD?
Imagine a modular design where a mixer of your choosing could be created. Instead of a default channel strip you add plug-ins to, how about being able to load Neve, API, or any combination of vintage and modern modules. What about being able to create a channel strip based on common combinations of plugs you like. Say you want a channel strip with a gate, an 1176LN, and a 1073 EQ. You could arrange the chain in any order you want and save that as a channel for later use. What if they created an open standard that DAW manufacturers could adopt (similar to rewire perhaps?) that would allow these \"channels\" to be called up within any apps mixer? Or perhaps the DAW software could be a front end to the virtual, custom mixer like Logic or DP can be used for ProTools TDM systems.
A fully customizable digital mixing environment with access to high quality vintage and modern models working seamlessly without a billion plug-in windows. Nice daydream... I better stop. I'm having visions of control surfaces... wait... stand alone digital mixing desks...

Okay... I'll stop now.
Bring it on... it'd be expensive though.

Personally I'd be happy with a mobile version ala Powercore firewire but with at least double the power headroom of the UAD1.
I think the tech has well & truly moved on enough for Universal Audio to be able to offer us this today!
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