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UAD 4.5 sending DP 4.61 CPU meter into the red

This seems to be slightly diffrent I assume, than the other issue of crashing. I don't now what the problem is, but spikng with Dual 2.7 the last couple of days has been ridiculous. Nothing different in terms of the plugs I'm using: Precision Limiter and 140 PLate (one instance each), and 3 Fairchilds. I'm using DP 4.61 and have 2 UAD cards. The only thing that has fixed it is to remove the Limiter and maybe the Plate and drop in new ones. Somehow those plugs are getting corrupted.

Anyone else see this? Or is this a new UAD-1 bug?
I've known about the issue with the AMD Hyper-whatever on these model G5s. With the above plugs I've never had an issue like this. So I was assuming in this case, it wasn't the issue.

Also I'm mixing at 88.2. Most of my other projects were at 44.1. I thinking this may cause some added stress. But I mixed these pugins forseveral days before this spiking showed up.


Richard Hunter

Active Member
I am running DP4.61 also...but only at 44.1...and have 2 UAD-1 cards. I get the proc. spikes all the time...on my dual 2.5 G5. Happens when adding too many plugs...the UAD-1 isnt overloaded, but the AMD8131 thingie is. I imagine that at 88.2 it is even worse. I love these plugs, so I deal with it, but man is it gonna be nice to get a MacPro some day with a UAD-2...Pultecs on every channel! yaeah

No real solution, keep work priority at high, try to limit the tracks you use, disable (not just mute) all tracks not in use, try not to run too many native plugs alongside the UAD ones, etc....

good luck
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