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UAD and Nuendo/Cubase 4.1.2


Established Member
I have had this problem with my two UAD's whereby, if I run a moderate amount of UAD stuff (anything like 30% or above), it would impact significantly my native cpu, by as much as 30-40%. I run at 64 sample buffer size. This behaviour continues until about 256 sample buffer size.

I upgraded to Nuendo 4.1.2, yesterday, and even at 64 I get negigible native cpu hit.
Just saying that anyone using Cubase or Nuendo 4.1.1, an upgrade can help....at least it did help me.

Unfortunately I have to say that UAD tech support isn't necessary the most helpful in my case.

When I told them about this problem quite a few months ago, they told me it is the latency I was running at, and there was no solution. Aparently there was.

I also had a problem with my mobo that others had, that when you had more than one UAD card and 4GB or ram there was a very very slow bootup and application start up time that would go away when I took one one UAD card or at least 1GB ram. I was told by them that it was a microsoft problem that UAD cards dont' work with 4GB on a 32 bit platform. Obviously many people do that everyday. I even did a poll on this forum to prove it. Fortunately I found a bios for my motherboard that fixed the problem

neil wilkes

Venerated Member
I simply never saw this problem with Nuendo 4.1 & 2 UAD-1 PCI cards.
I have since updated to Nuendo 4.1.2, and added a third PCIe UAD-1.
No problems at all.
Quad-Core CPU (Q6700), 2Gb RAM, ASUS Commando.
Everything is 100% rock-solid stable.

I did used to get the occasional BSOD on launch.
This no longer happens.
It has not happened ever since I installed the DTS-HD STreamplayer.
WHy should this matter? It installed Dot Net 2, latest version inc Service Pack 1. As I use an NVidia graphics card, I wonder if .NET was the BSOD culprit.


Established Member
yes but Neil if I remember correctly you use 1024 size sample buffer, this problem only occured for 256 and lower.

neil wilkes

Venerated Member
That's a fair enough point - you're perfectly correct about buffer size here.
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