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Hey there guys ...
im coming from a focusrite clarett 8p that had Midi in and out ports and now i bought this apollo 8p that has no midi connection.

my set up was a midi controller (using midi port out) in to the computer (midi port IN throu the clarret) and the computer sending midi notes (midi port OUT thru the clarret) to an external synth, that way from my midi controller i could control simultaneously virtual synths in the DAW and also control - play the external synth (that could receive midi notes drew in the DAW too)

now with no midi port in the apollo 8p im quite lost ... i want to do this little system that i had to work but i cant figure out whats the best option.

controller > computer (DAW) > external synth

what should i do, how can i manage to make it work??
would a USB Midi hub be the best - easiest option??
any other ideas.. ??

Many thanks in advance


A regular USB MIDI interface is what you need.


To be a bit more verbose: an audio interface with built in MIDI ports is basically two technically separate interfaces stuffed in a single box, one audio interface and one MIDI interface. Yes, they share the same physical connection to the computer, but except for the convenience of one cable and one box less, there's no advantage in having the MIDI interface built in.

Avoid using a hub for either interface. If you can't, at least connect the Apollo directly to the computer, and the MIDI interface and any other USB device to the hub.
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