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UAD card not recognized on dual g5 processor


New Member

I have been runnig a UAD-1 card on my g4 733mhz for about a year now without a hitch. I recently bought a dual g5 2 ghz, and this is where my problems began...

The card is simply not recognized by the g5, it doesn't even show up in the hardware profile. I thought the card got zapped when I installed it in the g5, but now it's back in my g4 and works like a charm.

In order to make sure that the PCI slots on my g5 were ok, I put in a old graphix card which was recognized instantly and works fine. ? I am at a bit of a loss here. Anyone who had similar issues?

I've tried installing the latest drivers, but it seems that until I can get my uad card to be seen by my computer it is not going to do me a lot of good...

My g5 does not come with PCI-X ports but still uses the 'regular' PCI.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




Active Member
It seems that you're running Tiger? UAD1 doesn't support Tiger yet. We're all waiting for a new driver which should be out this month. The new powermacs come with Tiger so you just have to wait. I also have 2 UAD1 cards just warming up my G5 case right now. Let's hope UA will get the driver ready soon.


New Member
And so I am running tiger...
Let's definitely hope UA gets a new driver soon.
Thanks for the help!

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