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UAD Error 26 with Samplitude and RME


Hi All,

I just got my first UAD card and really like the plugins. I'm getting some errors though. Whenever I start playback an have at least one UAD plug active, I get an error saying that the cpu limit has been exceeded plugin unable to load . The error code is 26.

This error happens everytime I hit play. Also, sometimes when I deactivate a plugin it doesn't free up resources. I have to restart the program and sometimes that doesn't even fix it.

Also, occasionally my cpu usage will go through the roof when I enable one UAD plugin. Deactivating it fixes the problem

I'm running samplitude 8.2 and RME hdsp. And I'm using UAD 4.0

Any help would be appreciated.



Active Member
Somethings not set up right. I have what you have and SAM works great with the UAD cards.

What is your ASIO buffer set to? Did you follow the setup directions in the UAD manual? Set it up like how it talks about setting up Logic. Not Nuendo, with the extra buffers.

ALSO, only use the VST UAD-1 plugs, NOT the DirectX.


Thanks for the reply. I'm using the VST versions. I have the asio set 0 which is the max. I installed version 4.0 software first. Then put in the hardware and automatically installed the drivers. That was it for the setup. Was there something that I missed?

I checked my irq's and UAD card has it's own spot.

I disabled hyperthreading because I read that my cause a conflict.

.mr chris

Active Member
1st try UAD DSP(CPU) limit set to 95%.

2nd would help if you can provide more detailed information about your settings and setup...


I have my computer setup for audio. All the normal optimizations.

I'm using the RME HDSP with Samplitude 8.2.

latency set to 512.

I have one UAD card. Matrox graphics card. Intel p4 3ghz

I disabled hyperthreading. All the UAD settings are default. I didn't change anything.

Already set limit to 95%.

I changed my drivers to version 3.9 and I'm still getting the err 26 message, but cpu usage is ok. Disk usage starts off really though.

Let me know what information you need.



.mr chris

Active Member
1st you sure did download the .reg file from https://my.uaudio.com/ and applied it to your registry...?

2nd it works \"vice-versa\" diggin for information is un-cool. *you* have the probs so your setup info should look like this:

System 1
Mobo: Tyan S2885 ANRF, bios 2.03(unofficial)
OS: XP Pro SP2 PAE, NUMA support ON
CPU: AMD DP Opteron 248
Chipset: AMD8131/8151/8111, AMD Driver Pack v.2.3.0, PCI-X v.
RAM: 2GB Corsair RAM(4x512MB,CM72SD512RLP-3200/S)
GFX: Matrox Millenium P750, driver, bios 2.5-46, BUS-Mastering+YV12 OFF, 3x Samsung SyncMaster 172N
PSU: Enhance 520W
Audio: RME Fireface 800, driver v. hardware revision v.2.04
UAD: v.4.0.0, 4 cards, in 13 slot Magma, 8131:OFF, MIN_GNT:240, DMA:0, LimitCPU:OFF
DSPs: 2x TC Powercore Element 1.9.5, Slot3+4(mobo, @66MHz)
Expansion: Magma 13-slot
LAN: Broadcom BCM5703C GLan
IO: RME Fireface800, RME ADI-2, ...
DAW Apps: Nuendo, Wavelab v.5.01b, SyncroSoft, PACE

see, what I mean ;)



Gotcha - Thanks for the help = My stuff should show up now --

I'll try the registry update - -


Active Member
Download SAM 8.21 also.

Are you still having the problems?



I can't use 8.21 because elastic audio is extremely buggy in this update.

I'm still having problems. My computer cpu is overloading when the UAD card is fine. Sometimes the UAD card claims to be running more plugins than it actually has -
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