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capoeira twin

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Exellent tune - very smooth and minimal

Can't really comment on mix as i'm listening on headphones at work (Shhh..!)

Just brightened my day !

Giles Peterson would play this


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Nice but the left side seems a little phasey. the panning effect you have that is dominating is playing with the low mids in such a weird fashion.

So it sounds phasey when the vocals come in on the left side.

Like the overall color and tone just calm that phasey thing (panning deal) down :)


giles117=giles peterson of bbc radio? :eek:

edit- i think i answered my own question nm
sorry i forgot to comment on your track when i posted first which i really dig..
songs really cool... did you record the vox yourself? whos the singer if so
i hear what giles is sayin about the phasing and presence on the left side to...modulating really slowly aswell. did you mix it so that it looked the best in the phaze meter or what sounded best? ive done that before and learnt not to look at my screen
its totally a taste thing and different in everybody's opinion.. but lately ive heard a lot of beats going for the underproduced sound.. less effects.. less edits.. no pitch correction ect.. have you heard that one thing some by amerie? giles peterson's been playing that for ever and i ended up seeing it on tv quite a bit lately...the raw production really makes you focus on the song and performance way more.. when i hear that mixed with regular radio it sticks out so much because it sounds so much less treated... thats just imo though... i
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