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UAD Plugins Automation


New Member
I run Pro Tools 7.1, when I use any UAD Plugin and press the auto button to select the parameters I want to automate there is none on the list, does anyone has this problem?


New Member
I'm seeing the exact same issue here, and also can't find any more information out about it. Everything I've read suggests the plugins should support automation, even if wrapped.



Venerated Member
Yup, have the same issue here on 7.1 (WinXP). It's not a UA issue, the plugins automate fine as VSTs in Cubase, Digidesign told me to make sure I have the proper wrapper and that it's not their software so they can't support it. Assholes.


Venerated Member
Hey, just figured something out:

If you're using the UAD plugins on audio tracks, automation *should* work. According to the PT manual, you can't automate plugins on Aux tracks, so if you're trying to automate the plugs you have on an Aux track, that's the reason.

Plugin automation works for me on Audio tracks. Digidesign didn't bother going this deep into the discussion with me, they just brushed me off since the software I had a question about wasn't theirs, so if you get at them, they may tell you the same thing, so I thought I'd share my findings.
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