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UAD RAM Load make CPU goes crazy with Nuendo 3...


Active Member
Hey all... Tech problem here.

I have 3 UAD-1 PCI in a MAGMA chassis, PIV 2.5 Ghz, 1Gb Ram, Gigabyte 8IEXP mb, Echo LAYLA, etc... I use Nuendo 3 and exclusively UAD plugs (v4.5). The UADs are not sharing any IRQ, other UAD settings on default, and this bug is for every buffer sttings I tried (128, 256, 512, 1024...).

The strange fact is this :

If I load a song with 24 audio stereo tracks, add 3 Neve33609 + 3 Neve1073 on the master, I nearly reach the limit in UAD CPU (92%) and 1% RAM load, it runs perfectly and Nuendo reach 20% in task manager, and about the same on the Nuendo meter.

Now, I take the same song, load on the master 3 PrecisionMB, the use of UAD CPU is 37%, RAM goes to 28%, and then Nuendo reach 98-99% in the task manager, but still is around 25% in Nuendo... and a lot of audio glitches.

To resume the problem, when I use RAM from the UAD cards, Nuendo is going crazy, showing a normal activity in the perf meter but in the task manager is very very high, causing loss of sound. Anyone experienced this, or even better, knows how to solve it ?

(I tried everything I know...)



Established Member
KaNeT said:
... and then Nuendo reach 98-99% in the task manager, but still is around 25% in Nuendo... and a lot of audio glitches.
The only time I was getting something similar using 2 cards was having the «Limit CPU load» disabled from the UAD-1 Performance meter->Configuration.



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To Check if it´s not a problem with precmb try loading the delay plugin. That one uses even more ram


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Same problem with the roland delay... and for all plugs. Nuendo.exe begin to rise when the RAM load is about 15-20% on the meter.

I changed PCI slots all the day, reinstalled XP 3 times, used all the drivers releases from 3.8, tested with disabling most of the onboard/outboard hardware, tested with each RAM module in solo, each UAD card in solo... I begin to think it's a curse. HELP !

It begun to do this a few days ago, for about 2 years it worked very well with this setup. Maybe the MB is dying ?

Can someone with a similar setup can tell me how many percent of CPU \"nuendo.exe\" during playback takes in \"task manager\" when you load 3 PMB ? It can help me.

neil wilkes

Venerated Member
Why 3PMB on the outputs?
(Unless it is a surround track)


Active Member
Why 3PMB on the outputs?
And why 3x33609 + 3x1073 ? ;)

I use this plug in my test because it has the most RAM Used/DSP Used rato (25%/37%). I never have 3 PMB in mixing or mastering situation.

The problem occurs when total RAM load of UAD is above 18%. And it happens too when I have 10 LA-2A + 8 1073, etc. Or any big usage of plugs in mixing situation.


Active Member
OK... After hours of testing I finally found the thing... My guess was wrong it wasn't the RAM load who cause troubles. So, in case some of you someday have the same bug :

Nuendo goes crazy only when the 3 PMB was opened, I mean, when the GUI of the plugs were on the screen or behind the arrangement window... When I close all (but of course are still ON), nuendo.exe use the same as the perf meter indicate, 15-20%... So two possibilities :

- My graphic card has some serious troubles
- Nuendo doesn't like big animated plugin's GUI

Thanx for those who tried to help, I learned something, ALWAYS CLOSE THE WINDOWS PLUGS WHEN I DON'T NEED THEM.


Active Member
Could be a graphixcard problem. What card? What driver? any special settings?


Active Member
Well after all...

The bug with the PMB was not the real problem. At least it wasn't THE problem, i saw victory too soon. Even after closing the plugs, nuendo wasn't as high in the task manager, but I still have some glitch. So after another hours of testing I finally discovered it was my onboard ATA controller who was dying. I put my 2 disk on IDE and all is fine now.

The PMB bug still applies, but I don't have any audio glitches even if nuendo.exe is very high when the GUI is opened.

Thanx for your support.
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