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UAD Software and Hardware owners?

How many UAD-1 owners have the Hardware version as well?

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How many of you UAD owners also have UA hardware? (ex:6176,2-610, LA2A, 1176, etc) Which is your favorite and what is the application? I hope to be in the yes in the near future.



Active Member
The UA M610 was the first \"real\" mic pre I owned. Since then have the LA-610 as well. I like a Shure SM57 or Neumann M147 into the LA-610 in front of a cranked up Marshall 1959.\

Looking at the solo series which look pretty cool for about $800. I also bought an API rack that still has a lot of empty spaces. So I might get another API component too.

The UA hardware is top quality HW stuff, great stuff at a decent price. I highly recommend their mic pre's.
This might be somewhat accurate ratio 1 out of 10 UAD owners have the hardware. Will bump once. Please vote and add comments if you have any. thanks, -j

Giles117 DP

Active Member
Well I HAD an 1176 and HAD an LA2A.

Now I looking at an LA-610

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
The M-610 was my main pre up until a couple months ago. Massive sound with huge low end that makes a nice counterpoint to midrange-forward Neve-type pre's. I sold it with the intent of getting an LA-610 but have ended up using a Demeter with an ADL 1500 (together basically a stereo LA-610) for the time being.

The UAD-1 LA2A rocks but there's nothing like hitting vocals hard with the real hardware.
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