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UAD Special Event Forum Links (Archive)

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Matt Hepworth

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Links to each UAD release forum archive:

UAD v9.15 - Q&A Manley Reference Preamp, AMS DMX 15-80 S Delay, GUI and Console Updates

UAD v9.14 - Q&A API Vision Collection, C-Suite Noise Reduction, dbx 160 Enhanced

UAD v9.13 - Q&A Neve Dynamics Collection, 1176 Refresh, Sphere 1.5

UAD v9.12 - Q&A Neve 1084 Preamp & Equalizer

UAD v9.11.0 - Q&A Avalon VT-737sp, Antares Real-time, Diezel VH4, Sonnox

UAD v9.10 Q&A - 175/176, New Sphere Mic Models, 480L Improvements, Console Improvements

UAD v9.9 Q&A - Capitol Chambers, Softube CL1b mk II, Console Improvements, more!

UAD v9.8 Q&A - V76 Unison Preamp, AutoTune RT Advanced, Diezel Herbert, more!

UAD v9.7 Q&A - Lexicon 480L, Neve DFC Channel, Softube Vocoder, Suhr SE100, more!

UAD v9.6 Q&A - Century Tube Channel Strip, bx_masterdesk, Suhr PT100, Sphere Bill Putnam

UAD v9.5 Q&A - Helios Preamp/EQ, AD/A Flanger, Friedman Buxom Betty, MORE

UAD v9.4 Q&A - Distressor, Ocean Way Mic Collection, G&K 800RB, Dytronics Tri-Stereo Chorus, more

UAD v9.3 Q&A - Korg SDD-3000, ENGL Savage 120, Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner, more

UAD v9.2 Q&A - SSL G Bus Compressor, Pure Plate, Fuchs, Eden, Auto Tune

UAD v9.1 Q&A - SSL E Collection, Moog MM Filter XL, Fuchs, OTO BISCUIT, more

UAD v9.0 Q&A - API 2500, Chandler Zener, ADA STD-1, Townsend Labs Sphere

UAD v8.7 Q&A - Manley Voxbox, UA Classic FX Bundle, Ampeg B-15N

UAD v8.6 Q&A - Fender Tweed '55, Chandler Curvebender, Oxford Limiter V2

UAD v8.5 Q&A - Marshall JMP, Brainworx bx_digital V3, Sonnox Envolution

UAD v8.4 Q&A - Eventide H910 Harmonizer, Oxide, Marshall Silver Jubilee, Bluesbreaker

UAD v8.3 Q&A - AKG BX 20, Ampeg SVT's, Tube-Tech EQ

UAD v8.1 Q&A - Neve 88RS+, Marshall Plexi, TubeTech CL 1B
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