UAD Support - Please do better!


At the recommendation of UAD support, I spent ages trying different things to resolve a driver problem with my TB3 Apollo X6 and two Satellite Octo's. I said from the start that I didn't understand why the things being suggested could be the cause given that I've used the same set-up for a couple of years without issue, but ON THE DAY I installed the Apollo v11.0.0 update the problem started.

Anyway, on 19-12-23 UAD support sent me an email saying it was probably caused by my AMD processor, and among other things, after spending thousands on a dedicated audio PC, it was suggested that I consider changing it. Later that day we were told that v11.0.1 was available and I had a message saying it was a Hotfix. (See above.) I'm sure you know what's coming. Yep, early indications are this has resolved the issue.

I appreciate it may be easier to blame people's computers than acknowledge that UAD may introduce issues with their software updates, but as my problem started ON THE DAY I installed v11.0.0, surely common sense strongly suggests it. However, rather than accept the obvious, I had to go through a stressful cycle of installing/uninstalling/updating/tweaking/replacing costly cables, etc....

I've spent a LOT of money on Universal Audio products (hardware and software) and on the whole enjoy what they offer. So, UAD support, from a loyal customer - PLEASE do better! : )

Kind regards

Wales, UK
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