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UAD taxing Native CPU


Hi all,

I've had some issues with my UAD cards, cpu and disk spikes. I've tried a ton of things but I'm still having issues.

I loaded up a blank project with one wave file and did some tests.

I was able to get the UAD meter up to 92%. But this cause a 30% load on my native cpu. The meter would fluctuate from 0 to about 30. This seems a bit high? Also when I disabled the UAD plugins, but did not completely remove(just clicked on them so they weren't highlighted) my native cpu usage was still around 20%. It didn't go back to normal until I completely removed every UAD plugin. With each plugin removed it went down.

Has anyone experienced this problem?

Also, do any samplitude users have buffer suggestions that work well with the UAD cards? ASIO or MME preference?

The other question I have is about my matrox 750 graphics card. I keep reading about disabling buss mastering, but I can't find that option.

Thanks in advance,



Active Member
For the Matrox issue, go to the Matrox control panel, and on one of the tabs (can't remember right now, I am not in the studio) there is an \"ADVANCED\" button. The option is there.

Sorry I can't be more specific, but that should get you started at least.


Ok - I'll give that a try - I think I've done that and it hasn't improved much.


I figured out how to disable bus mastering in the Matrox 750. You have to go into help/troubleshooting and the option is there--
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