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UAD with multi-core systems


New Member
Hi, everyone,

One of the Cakewalk developers recently posted the folloiwing regarding plugin performance under multi-core systems:

\"An efficient MP system relies on all the components to play well together with good synchronization techniques.
i.e. the system can only be as efficient as the weakest link.

Typically threadsafe operation in MP aware code is achieved by the use of \"synchronization objects\". For effieient operation every component has to acquire these sync objects for the minimal time possible so that they do not block other threads from executing. Many plugins (especially hardware DSP plugins but also some other software only plugins have this model) have a design where the hardware is \"single client\". In this model any instance of the plugin must block other plugins from executing while they acquire the DSP hardware to process a buffer. In this model parallel processing is effectively blocked because only one thread can execute at a time.

In such scenarios it can actually be less advantageous to use MP especially at low latency, because the Windows task scheduler overhead becomes a significant performance hit. i.e. The OS is wasting cycles suspending and resuming threads which is a finite overhead.\"

http://forum.cakewalk.com/tm.asp?m=1146 ... =&#1146585

Forgive me if this is an ignorant question, but does this description accurately represent the UAD hardware/software's performance in a multi-core environment?

Would love to hear some comments from those more tech-savvy than I. It would be a downer if the multi-core systems more and more of us seem to be using are actually getting bogged down by the UAD cards!


Active Member
I have noticed, using Sonar on my Core2 Duo, that i get much lower latency performance, by disabling multiprocessor within Sonar...

I am wondering about this too....and hoping one day it gets fixed...

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