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UAD1 and X2 - Dropout & clipping issues - Please help!!!


I have an X2 4400+ CPU running Nvidia NForce 3 chipset on Gigabyte motherboard. Soundcards are Creamware Pulsar, RME Multiface and M-audio Firewire 1814. I have 3 SATA Hard drives 250gig each for samples and for audio and 1 WD 120gig drive for OS and Apps. I have 2 UAD1 cards. Graphic card is Matrox G650. I run WinXP Pro, Cubase SX 3.11, bunch of VSTi's but mainly UAD1 plugins.

My issues are:
1. Latelly whenever I use UAD1 plugins, even if I load only 2 of them, occassionally my audio will stop, so I can't hear anything and than will pick up again in few seconds. It only happens when I use UAD1 card. When I use Powercore Firewire plugs none of this behavior happens. Also, if I have Kontakt 2 open and I run a UAD1 plugin, anywhere in the sequencer, the CPU meter in Kontakt 2 starts clipping occassionally and K2 will start dropping notes. To solve this issue I have to close DAW and open the project again without UAD1 plugs. I can bypass this problem by rendering audio before I mixdown with UAD1 plugins, but it's an inconvenience. I tried software version 3.9, 4.0 and now 4.3 and same thing happens with each of these versions.

2. My soundcards are Creamware Pulsar - PCI card, RME Multiface with a PCI card, and M-Audio Firewire 1814 which runs off of Firewire output. The issue here is that I get a smooth audio only while running Pulsar. With every other soundcard I get clips in the audio. M-Audio's card is actually better, I get less clips/pops in the audio compared to RME Multiface.

I don't know what's going on, but I did spend alot of money on my UAD1 cards and would like to use them cause they just sound better than everything else on the market IMHO. Is there anything that I could do to fix my problems?


OK, for all of those who are reading my thread -
I believe that my problem is with my Pulsar card, which is pretty old. I really like the Creamware SCOPE platform, and so I plan on replacing my Pulsar with a new SCOPE Home card. I was told that the old Pulsar card can have some issues with newer motherboards.


I don't think there is a problem with your pulsar card, since you say:

- it still gives the best performance
- there are no problems as long as no ua plugins are involved (or even if I have misunderstood your point two, the pulsar card gives the best performance)

Maybe you want to start with error searching the way that you pull out every card/interface and try one for one each with the uad-1s.

Another tip I can give you as a former scope user: The old 4DSP Cards are not capable of handling really low latency, only the newer 3, 6, 14 and 15 DSP cards are. If you have set your latency really low raise it up to at least over 11ms.


Hi Robi,
Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the tips. I will be doing a fresh install most likelly next week. I'll try what you said. But my Pulsar is the 4 DSP version. It's old. I'm running it at 13ms. It's not good for sequencing but the ASIO driver in Pulsar gives me smooth audio, none of my other cards do. So that's why I use it. But than again my UAD1 problems sometimes go away and return after few hours. It's very weared.
Despite it all, I still like the flexibility of Creamware system. I'm planning on getting SCOPE Home with 3 DSPs so that when I want to record something I could monitor with effects in the SCOPE system just like I'm doing now as well. But this new card will give me much better latency. Than I could also decide if I still need my RME Multiface card. For my portable rig I use laptop with my M-audio Firewire1814. That's a pretty resonable card too.
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