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UAD1e Logic 7.2 Performance


New Member
Hi all,

I just purchased/installed a UAD1e card. I seem to be having some serious performance problems since.

I'm running a G5 dual 2.5ghz (newer one with only PCIe slots), Logic 7.2.2 and OSX 10.4.7, latest UAD software version.

Firstly, I'm not sure if I need to check that AMD dma option on this machine?

I have the \"enable live mode\" on.

The first thing I've been trying is a very simple empty Logic project with the following UAD plugins running:
2x Cambridge EQ, 2x Pultec Pro, 1xLA2A
The UAD Meter is already at 80%... Is this right? I can't believe that I can only run 5 moderate plugins in total.. basically makes the whole thing pretty useless.

Second problem, is that for some reason the entire processing load in Logic moves to the second core, and so my empty little project with hardly anything in it is maxing out my CPU!

I have Logic set to full PDC on all objects... I don't know if this should be off with the UAD Live mode enabled or what..

I run a lot of outboard gear, synths etc.. if I have an audio-track armed for record with monitoring on, all of a sudden the CPU jumps up like 20% for each track I add... not very helpful when I need to be bringing in about 10 stereo audio tracks from my various outboard gear.

All of this was working fine before I put the UAD card in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



New Member
Live mode


Yeah it does seem to reduce the UAD CPU load a bit, down from 80 to 70% and it does help in logic a bit... but it still doesn't seem to fix the problem completely, I'm still get way more load on the 2nd cpu and nothing on the first.. :(


Established Member
can you open mac's activity monitor and check if something else is disturbing the show? Logic's metering is not accurate and won't show what else is going on in your mac. Dunno about the amd-option, did you try it to see what happens? Best to check everything at high buffersetting (1024), procesbuffer medium, disk buffer large, no maximum load set for the uad.

Uad's email helpdesk is quite good, did you give it a try?

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