UAFX Dream '65 and delay


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Hi I just bought a UAFX Dream '65 that I will put in my pedal chain with other pedals.

I do like the spring reverb in the Dream ‘65 pedal but I would like to use my delay pedal two. A normally pedal order is delay -> reverb, but if I place my delay in front the the Dream pedal, it sound not good at all. If I swop them, Dream (reverb) -> delay, I will get reverb into my delay, which is not what I want…

any suggestions on how to get a great combination of the Dream and a delay pedal?


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If you like Spring reverb, you like the reverb of the Dream 65. Period.
Most of the time you want to insert a Delay before the Amp sim, no ?
So simply put a good Delay pedal before the Dream65.
For instance Orion is a great Delay - well Tape Echo - pedal
If I need only one Reverb , and one Delay, Orion -> Dream65 is my top <3


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One of the biggest things people don't realize/consider when putting the delay in front of their amp is that the delay is also amplified so they need to turn it down more than when setting the mix on a delay after the amp. So they plug in and go wow thats god aweful and back of the chain it goes again. its just easier to make overwealming in front. My 2c


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Dream '65 that I will put in my pedal chain with other pedals.
Is this for playing live?
Unless you’re going for really washy stereo ping pong echos, delay in front of a guitar amp or amp sim is pretty standard.
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