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(urgent) Anyone got an UAD1 working in an AMD64x2/PCI-e DAW?

Ronny Pries

New Member
Hello everybody,

my PC died last week and i've been trying to gather info for my next setup since then. I'm aware of the nf4 issues with UAD-1 cards as well as it is currently beeing fixed.

If i wasn't doing sound design and music for games i wouldn't care much about fast graphics, but it's my job so i need an uptodate PCI-e gfx adapter. I'm going nuts here trying to choose a motherboard and setup that'll let me continue working. Btw, can't go the Intel way since my host currently supports only single cpu processing and my current projects almost exceeded the cpu of my prior AMD XP 3200+...

Can anyone of you guys point me towards a mainboard/chipset that meets above specs (AMD64x2, PCI-e, UAD-1 compability)? I understand that there is no 100% guarantee that it'll work here as well, but i'm at the point where i have to try something at least.


Ronny Pries

New Member
i bet that's valid for MVP Deluxe as well?

and what about rme audio pci compability?

btw, got an advice for good ram?

wtf is the entire chipset situation so f*d up... i'm going nuts.


Ronny Pries

New Member
Thank you for the warning.

I think i somehow have to fix the problems with my current PC and wait until there's a clear go with PCI-E related technology. i basicly want to buy a new system to get rid of the struggles i currently have and not approach hours and hours of surfing and researching issues again and again.

Disguisting situation imho.


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