Use Apollo to feed DAW out during session


I've been using the software Loopback (Rogue Amoeba) to feed my DAW's (Reaper) audio to the client on the other end of a zoom/google meet voiceover session for years now.
It's, for the most part, great but occasionally there's an issue where the loopback device won't see my DAW audio. Ultimately, I have to restart my Mac Mini (13.6.2) and the problem is resolved.
Now that I've got my virtual channels figured out, I'd like to take Loopback out of this chain to hopefully simplify things a bit.
Which leads me to my main question...
How do I setup my Apollo Twin to feed master DAW audio to client while still being able to record in the DAW?
I want to be able to playback audio for them down the line.
Thank you.


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In REAPER you can of course send whatever tracks, including master, to a Virtual Channel on Apollo. You can also record from virtual channels. You certainly do not need Loopback


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Master Bus (or any channel/track for that matter):
1. Click in the "Sends" area. If it doesn't show up, right-click on the Master track and select "Show Sends (When Size permits)". If it still doesn't show up you can expand the mixer window until it's big enough for the "Sends" section to show up.
2. In the new Window that opens up, select the "Add New Hardware Output..." dropdown and select the correct channel(s).


Great. I was able to send to my virtual channels. However, there's definitely a 'plate reverb' type of sound until I mute out the virtual channels in Console.
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