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Using logics freeze function with UAD


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I froze a couple of instrument tracks which had Uad 1 plugins on them and now its processing them twice and I cant bypass them nor can I add plugins to frozen tracks so how can I do this ?

I just noticed the freeze function on audio tracks so I might mess with that instead for DSP but is anyone else experiencing this ?


Hey Ted,

unfortunately, the freeze function doesn't work with the UAD-1. I know, it sucks. I tried to make it work but no dice. it works on all native plugs only. If you have both the UA plugs and native plugs on one track and you freeze it, only the native plug dsp is freed up.


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thanks matt

you and knowledge have been invaluable this past couple weeks


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Ah the joy of DP4 it's freeze function does work with all plugins. ;)

Ok enuff smartacisms. LOL

andy a

I'm a bit confused....

The UA website states:

\"Logic Audio does not release UAD-1 DSP resources when UAD-1 plugins are bypassed, or when the \"freeze\" function is used on tracks with UAD-1 plugins\"

This implies that you can freeze tracks with UAD plugs - it just doesn't free up the resources. Are they really getting \"double processed\" - so if you freeze an instrument track with a UAD reverb it then gets processed by the unfrozen reverb???

there's nothing to be confused about, and it definitely doesn't suck. It's just logic. ;)

If you read your manuals, you will find that the freeze function is a quick offline bounce of the audio material. Offline means \"not in real time\", i.e. the rendering process is as fast as the CPU can compute it (hence the 100% CPU load during the freeze). As far as I know, it's absolutely normal that such an offline process can't include external sources like live inputs (they don't even have a freeze button!) or DSP powered plug-ins. How could it do that anyway? How's your CPU supposed to know what a DSP on a PCI card will do next? I don't know DP, but I guess it does a real time freeze, not an offline one.
If you want to \"freeze\" your UAD plugs, just bounce the track or (by using cycle markers) part of the track you want to freeze. You do that with the very same BNCE button in Logic's master output which is used for rendering the whole arrangement into one WAV or AIFF file. Just make sure you activate \"online\" rendering. If you use the \"offline\" option, you'll have the same problem again: audio and native plugs will be bounced, DSP plugs and live inputs won't.
After that, your plug-in settings are rendered INTO the audio file which you can re-import again. Turn off your plug-ins on the original track to save DSP power. However, don't forget to save your settings first, you might need them again if you want to change something. After that you have to bounce again.



andy a

Either I'm STILL confused, or there is some misinformation in this thread..... I did a test myself after reading this at logicfaq.omega-art.com/html/faq19.htm:

\"PowerCore and UAD1 plugins are indeed rendered into the Freeze File. However, the plugins aren't de-instantiated to recover the DSP horsepower. They're bypassed, but as with any powered plugins this doesn't actually free up DSP. Workaround: Save the preset of the plugin's parameters and de-instantiate the plugin. If you unfreeze the track, you'll have to re-instantiate the plugin(s) are recall said presets.\"

I set up a track in Logic with the EVP88 and a UAD delay. I froze the track. I located the freeze aiff file and listened to it and the UAD delay was in fact there. I went back to Logic and messed with the UAD delay settings (switched from Ping-Pong Delay to Chorus) and this didn't change the frozen track.

So it appears to me that freeze works perfectly with UAD effects, except that it doesn't recover the DSP horsepower.


This is my understanding and experience as well. You can freeze a track with UAD plugs and it will render. You just don't free up the DSP usage on the card. So, if you have UAD plugs in conjunction with heavy native plugs, freezing will free up the native processing and it helps.

I bounce offline all the time with UAD plugs and it works. I'm not sure what Christian is talking about. I have bounced with just UAD and a combination of UAD/native plugs and it bounces the same offline as it does real time.

So......go ahead and freeze with UAD plugs. Just know that you won't save processing power on the card.

okay, I was able to clear a few things up (tried it out myself).

The Logic manual actually is very specific: \"doesn't work for technical reasons\". UAD and Powercore are mentioned as examples.
However, I was able to freeze my UAD plugs, too (which didn't work a few versions before, hence my mistake). The UAD meter even shows 0% load after the freeze.
As soon as I open another UAD plug in another channel, the UAD load is there again, and it's higher than normal - the former load of the freezed plug is added. Freezing doesn't free up anything, what a shame!
Anyway, at least you can do a real time bounce as explained. Just takes longer, but should be okay as a workaround.

One thing's not clear yet: Is it a general technical problem, or is it just an Emagic problem? I'm gonna check it out with Cubase SX (offline bouncing, freezing doesn't work with inserted plugs, only with instruments).

@Peter: What I said about live inputs and the I/O plug-in in Logic is definitely true - no offline rendering with those for the reasons mentioned.

@all the others: Sorry for the misinformation (shouldn't happen when you wrote a book about Logic...) :cry:


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I just want ed to say ( who ever ed is :lol: )

That I would participate in this ( having started this thread ) but I am still learning logic so Id rather just \" listen in \" on you guys if you don't mind


Anyone notice this?

I tried freezing some tracks today that had both UAD and native plugs on'em, and the frozen tracks were suddenly way out of sync. Unfreeze them and presto, everything's fine again.

I never noticed this kind of behavior before. Anyone else? :?:
To clarify some things:

- You absolutely CAN freeze tracks with UAD-1 plugs on them. It works, in that the audio does get processed as expected.

- The UAD-1 plugins that are on the frozen track are NOT released from the DSP. This is why you don't see the DSP load go down on the UAD-1 Meter after freezing. Also, note that you will only see the load in the Meter when you have at least one UAD-1 plug running on a NON-frozen track. You will then see the load for ALL currently instantiated UAD-1 plugs, whether they are on frozen tracks or not. This is similar to the problem where the DSP load doesn't go down if you bypass the plugin via the button in Logic's plugin window. These are both Logic-specific host issues. We are working with Emagic to hopefully address this.

- As to Christian's comment: you are misunderstanding how DSP-accelerated plugins work. As far as the host is concerned, they are just like host-based plugins, except with a bit more initial latency. Non-realtime offline processing works in every host.

- As far as the frozen tracks getting out of sync, this should not be the case. If so, it is a Logic issue. In some tests with just UAD-1 plugs, the frozen tracks maintained sync correctly (make sure you do have \"Plug-In delay compensation\" checked in the Audio preferences).



for me it would solving many issues/workarounds getting the freeze-function working releasing the DSP. (see the other thread about 149$).

Not sure if this is a Uad or Logic thing. I recall disabling the wrapped plug in PTLE released DSP on the UAD...? But you cant freeze..

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