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Vista 64 with Driver version 4.6.0 problem


New Member

\"There is currently a 2gig ram limit with the xp64 drivers\"

is the same problem on in XP64 with 4.6.0 driver?or just happened on vista 64?
i know my problem is the 4 gig ram.UA guys are looking into fixing this problem.This is of immediate concern to them.
hope this help someone who have the same problem.

here's the description of my system:
i've got dual boot on this machine,xp64 and vista
64.on xp64 i'm working well with all of UAD-1.the
driver that i use is second release.
on vista 64 i'm using the driver 4.6.
my motherboard is Tyan S2895 K8WE with chipset
AMD-8131HT PCI-X Tunnel Nvidia nForce pro
2200&2050.the memmory is corsair registed DDR 4 pieces
1Gb (4Gb in total).3 UAD-1,ultra pack,flexi
pack,project pack.my audio interface is RME Fireface
800 with the lasted driver on vista 64 system (w2fire
265) and previus driver (w2fire_2631) on xp64 system.


This is totally not meant to be insulting in its obviousness, but it easily might not have occurred to you, even if you don't have a good reason to avoid it: how badly would it impact what you do to temporarily remove 2GB of RAM?



Active Member
Unfortunately it is a known issue and is supposed to be fixed in the next maintanence update, acording to UA. Do some searching and you'll find a lot of threads on the subject. Its a bummer for now, but it'll gettaken care of. I hope.

Agent Cooper

Established Member
Wait, the FBI is investigating !

cmartins10, did I get that right :
XP64 and UAD do work with 4 GB on your system ?
No loading problems ?

Thanks for the info,
Cheers, Agent Cooper
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