vocals,vocals and more vocals..

Ben Logan

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Wow - you are really talented! Beautiful recording! Great guitar tones (which guitar and amp? Sounds very Fender-y). That SP C1 really suits your voice nicely. I've got the B3, which I like as an all-rounder.

Which reverb did you use? Which UAD plugs did you use?

The drums sound kinda canned, but they don't really detract from the tune since I don't think you want them to be upfront.

I wasn't blessed with what you might call a \"good voice\" like yours, but I've got heart! Thanks for the wonderful stuff.


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Thanks Ben, Guitar is a strat through a POD. Verb is a mixture of the uad and waves software. I payed very little attn. to the drums to get that old one mic sound!! Thanks all for listening.
Best Harry
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